by Sean Devine

Saturday, Oct 19, @ 2pm

The next in MCT's series of new play readings will be DAISY by Sean Devine. The cast includes MC Meyer, Michael Fiore, Edward Johnson, Donnie Gethers, with 2 roles still to cast.

Tickets are $10, and go on sale online at mymct.org on Tuesday, October 8th at 11 a.m.


One commercial - maybe one man - fundamentally changed how we elect our leaders. DAISY presents the moment in TV history when the age of negative advertising was dropped into our lives. As a nation contemplates war, distracted by the packaging of a seemingly peaceful U.S. president, the Doyle Dane Bernbach advertising agency is immersed in its own crisis. At the nexus of it all sits eccentric sound man and legendary communications guru Tony Schwartz.

Set during the 1964 U.S. presidential election, while brutal race riots erupted across America, a group of Madison Avenue ad men working for President and presidential candidate Lyndon Johnson unleash the most powerful political commercial ever conceived, the "Daisy" ad. War was the objective. Peace was the bait. Everyone got duped.


“[DAISY] is a story that, through history’s irritating tendency to repeat itself…resonates so deeply with our current moment that it should be required viewing for all registered voters.” —Seattle Weekly.

“…engaging and powerful…[A] fascinating piece of historical theatre…” —BroadwayWorld.com.

“Devine’s writing is sharp and clever, and Daisy is clear, concise and even-handed." —City Arts (Seattle, WA).